The client is a mental health professional who would like to have an app that his clients can use on their mobile devices (iOS and Android).

Mobile Reminder & Health Tracking App


This app needs to be very similar to a reminder app and a fitness tracker or calorie counter where the user enters their own data (rather than the app tracking their heart rate and length of their workout sessions). This app will ask users about what they are doing at a particular point on any day. The purpose of this app is to mirror experiments in his clinic that show several prompts throughout a day that will increase an individual’s mindfulness. If prompted to notice how their behaviour is working in a certain situation, they will improve their behaviour and let go of problematic behaviours (suicidal ideation, self-harm, addictive behaviours, problematic eating, nail-biting, etc.)

Feature of the App:

  1. The app will prompt the user for short strings of specific text information. This information will create a 'bank' of answers and a 'pool' of questions — the bank of answers and pool of questions should be able to be updated/added to or changed/reduced at any point by the user.
  2. The app will alert the user at varying times throughout a day (this could be random time intervals during a 12 hour period) and mutable for a day by the user. Preferably the user could set their own 12-hour range and again edit/change this at will. For example, if they're a shift worker and would like the app to alert them during the evening hours.
  3. The function of the alert is that the app would ask the user a very specific question about what they are doing. The user selects one of two answers. Depending on how the user answers, the app will prompt the user with a second question and then ask them to write a brief text response or select from their 'bank' of answers.
  4. The app will have an 'end of day' prompt for the user asking a series of questions from the pool of questions. The user will rate their effort based on each question based on a scale of 0 to 10. No text responses are needed here.
  5. The app should present some results for this user at the end of the day and again at the end of the week, perhaps with badges for accomplishments.
  6. The app should have an option to export via email at the end of the day or week’s data for review with the therapist.

Our Experience 

We have experience in building Health-related mobile apps. There are many such iOS applications done by us that you can find on our portal. Now assuming there is no REST API integration at the backend, and the application will locally store user data, we can get this app done in both iOS and Android in 1 month’s time.

Please note the proposal is created with an assumption that the Design / UI of the app will be provided to the client.

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