Background Story 

There are several projects with similar requirements where a skilful developer was required. The projects are associated with the development of a tool that is capable of incorporating textual similarity algorithms to short texts and to make that tool as accessible to fellow researchers as possible. The tool is almost prepared but it needs a lot of alterations and efficiency. Some tools are required to be re-implemented without changing the current code. The primary application code is written in Python 3.6 with use of the SciPy stack, NLTK, and AioHTTP; the database code is written in PostgreSQL; the web frontend uses bootstrap, jquery, and HTML; deployment of code has been managed through Docker; and Redis, NGINX, and R are also used.

Natural Language Processing website

How we can help

  • Modifying existing code to handle asynchronous parallelism in a better way.
  • Identifying and correcting inefficiencies in legacy code.
  • Porting legacy code to the new platform.
  • Development and documentation of a public API that can be used to access the platform.
  • UI and security improvements to the web front end.
  • Annotation and packaging of the platform suitable for public release on GitHub and Docker Hub.
  • Scaling the system to transition from a limited beta to a public release.

Technology that can be used 

  • Python 
  • SciPy Stack 
  • NLTK
  • AioHTTP
  • PostgreSQL
  • Docker
  • Redis

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