Background Story 

The requirement is to build software to manage product listing properly. It is for a cloud-based technical company. It needs to be built from the scratch. 

The user must be able to see the list of products which will be sorted in column name ‘project name’, ‘current bids’, ‘bid ends’, and ‘more details to give a clear picture. 

ASP.Net, MVC and Angular Development

Detailed Requirements

  • A user will be able to view product details that the ‘details page’ will show with Product Name, Product Description, Starting Bid, Current Bid, Address, Map (To be a Google Map to address above)
  • A user will be able to make a bid on a product. Users enter an amount in any multiple of $5. When the user places a bid, an info message should be shown warning the user that the ‘bid is binding’. Upon confirmation, the bid should be accepted. Placing a bid should be instant.

What we can do

Developer required to create a ‘mini-auction site’. It will be a scaled-down version of eBay. Very simple functionality, but expecting nice cleanly written code and comments.

Technologies we can use 

  • Default Bootstrap layout and styles. We can restyle the site after the functionality is complete.
  • All styling should use default Bootstrap styling. No custom CSS required
  • MVC5
  • Angular
  • SQL
  • After each feature/user story is developed, a code review will take place by one of our senior developers.
  • A TFS source control location will be provided.

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