Background Story

The Agena software provides for clinical testing of patient DNA samples using a Mass Spectrometer. After the clinical evaluation of a sample is complete, the result can be exported to an external system such as a LIMS. To this end, an entry is made into the Sample Export Cache which is then available for asynchronous consumption and processing by the external system.

UI Design using Angular and Bootstrap


A Management UI is required to troubleshoot and correct failures during the consumption of the cached exports.

The web application must be created using the following tools/libraries in order to make integration into the Parent app easier:

  • Spring Boot
  • AngularJS v1.4.2
  • Angular-Hal v0.1.6 
  • HTML5
  • Bootstrap v3.3.6 CSS grid system
  • UI Bootstrap version 0.13.4 (ui.bootstrap.modal, ui.bootstrap.datepicker)
  • Code must be compatible with Bower, Gulp, and Uglify
  • A BitBucket project will be provided in the Atlassian cloud.

We had prior experience with Angular, Bootstrap. There was a web application for the real estate industry and includes a payment gateway, scheduling system, multiple logins, etc. The project required AngularJs and Bootstrap development. 

Another experience we had was for an Irish client where we developed the application using the same technologies mentioned here. The project is about graphical visualization of the data and users can create their widgets on the fly.

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