Background Story 

The client is looking for a strategy that allows storage of access credentials in some fashion that is more secure and does not have clear text user info and credentials stored in an accessible fashion. In a compiled application to obfuscate the values and make this much harder to crack. This application should be created on javascript, PHP and 

Secure Local Password Storage


Based on the review of scripted server-side languages there is no clean solution for storing passwords and access credentials.

For example, if you have a PHP application that talks to a MySQL DB the access user ID and Password for the database are stored in clear text in the PHP code.

The responsibility is to create a secure way to store credentials that are used to access the database as typically most developers store the access credentials in plain text in their script file.

What we can do

As a team of dedicated developers with expertise in Php, .Net, and iOS/Android app development, we can address this issue. Our experience ranges from building applications with moderate complexity to real-time performance-oriented complex applications with secure encryption of database credentials, link and URLs.

We can implement a security feature for your Database links using the .htaccess file. In a couple of previous projects where data information was sensitive, we used such encryption.

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