Scope of Work

The client wanted to have a small service for merging two PowerPoint presentations into a single presentation.

Service for merging PowerPoint Presentations into Single Presentation


Service should expose its functionality through a simple HTTP API. It should contain a single route: POST /merge Body of POST request will contain multipart form data with N presentations attached as files with names “file[0]”, “file[1]”, “file[2]”, …, “file[N-1]” Each file is a valid PowerPoint presentation with at least one slide inside. The response body should contain the data of the result file. It should be a valid PowerPoint presentation that contains all slides.

Technical specs

Service should be written in C#/OpenXMLSDK and should be prepared to run with mono. Service could create some temporary files if needed, but it should also remove them when they aren’t needed anymore. Service should process a few merging requests at once. A request could contain up to 200 files. So probably the service should use some kind of streaming when receiving a request.

Service should support valid ppt files of any PowerPoint version up to 2016.

Our Planning 

Created a small demo for this and we sent that to the client. Still we have to create an API and other modifications which would take time. Estimated Time:-80-90hrs. 

Here is how we planned to build this:

  1. The REST web service will use ServiceStack running on mono/Linux
  2. We may use Visual Studio or MonoDevelop to write the code

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