The client is looking for a ruby on rails developer who has extensive experience building slack applications and bots. The developer will need to build a slack application for an analytics web app so teams can receive and request reports right from their slack team.

Slack API for RoR Web App

They prefer considering developers with an in-depth knowledge of the Slack API - someone who can move fast without having to spend considerable time researching Slack documentation. They have a tight deadline and are looking to ship this feature soon.

Our Experience

We have created a slack application and worked on BOT's will not be much tricky as we have worked on such types of applications quite a number of times. We have worked on several Slack APIs and have been familiar with most of the APIs provided by slack. We have worked on an internal chat application that uses Rails and AngularJS

We have a team with more than 5 years of experience in developing the clean and responsive User Interface backed up by the ROR framework.

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