The client is looking for an experienced developer to build a small software/application for personal use.

The project would be built stage-by-stage and right now the client is seeking assistance to test the general concept and idea with an MVP.

The basic goal is a visual mapper or flowchart builder that can also do specific calculations similar to calculations on a spreadsheet. It would be a web application. 

Mapping Software

Our Understanding

What the client needs can be built using JSplumb with features like a dynamic flow chart, CRUD flow chart objects etc.

As per our understanding, we will have to do the following:

  1. Creating dynamic flowchart web application using JS plumb javascript library.
  2. Getting data in JSON format
  3. Adding/Editing/Deleting objects in a flowchart
  4. Drag-drop the objects to place at the desired position

Our Possible Solution 

We assume that the client needs to auto calculate the leads for the particular phase. We are confused about:

  • Whether the client will enter the values for traffic and conversion % or we need to fetch it from some database. 
  • Whether you have an existing form where the client will enter the values or need a single page web application where we can have 2 input boxes and 1 box to render the calculated value for leads.

Creating a single page web application won’t take more than 1 day. We have done this before and calculated leads and conversions for Facebook Ads.

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