The client has installed solidus (Spree commerce) in their store, all frontend, and extensions but they need to add new functionality for the rental store and some adjustments. 

Background Story

PISLOW is a web platform built in Solidus 2.1 version (new Spree commerce solution in Ruby on rails framework) for rental fashion stores. The rental model has two options: 

Solidus Rental Store

Individual Rental: User can rent clothes for 7 days or per month

Monthly subscription rental: User has monthly credit in order to rent clothes, when the clothes are correctly returned the credit will be increased again. The platform has been built on solidus and has been customized totally for work as an operational eCommerce. But need to implement all rental options and some others adjustments. 

Solidus_minicart extension is installed but when they try to delete items or add new items, the mini cart hangs and doesn’t delete the item. Also when changing quantity and click on the update button.


A one-page checkout has been implemented, now they want to add ‘garment assurance (ES: ‘Seguro de ropa’) and ‘Cleaning’ (ES: ‘Limpieza’) services. The app frontend is already implemented, so we have to: - implement these services in the checkout and add them to the checkout summary and total automatically when checked. 

Create in order table fields cleaning_service and assegurance_service to put the price of these services. Add them in admin orders display and also in user orders display, after row shipping. Has to be in all places where order data are.

They need us to implement different requirements in order to rent store works. RENTAL PRICES Spree price of the product will be the price to buy the clothes. They want us to create new fields in the product table for product rental prices (add them to admin product management too). These value fields will be automatically created based on the product’s main price. Admin can display these prices in tab products but not are editable. 

The user will choose between rent 7 days, rent a month or buy. The price will change on the radio button checked option.

When the user clicks on the ‘Añadir’ button(EN: Add to cart), the product will be added with the corresponding price (7 days rental, monthly rental or buy). If a user has a subscription he or she will have a check_box call ‘use_points’. So if the checkbox is checked, when the user clicks on the ‘Añadir’ button(EN: add to cart) the product will be added to the cart by points, if not checked, those will be added by the monthly rental price.

Our Experience 

We are a team of highly experienced RoR developers involved in solidus (Spree commerce), for more than 10 years now. And have successfully delivered many projects till now. 

We have gone through the given requirements and created a proposal on basis of the same.

We have a specialized team that has written codes in ROR (multiple versions of rails 3.x, 4.x, 5.x) for many projects. 

Also, we have immense experience and have developed lots of eCommerce websites in different domains.

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