Background Story 

The client is looking for an experienced Full-Stack developer or team that can build and help improve over time a web-based application to be used on a desktop browser and mobile browser platforms. The project budget will be split into Milestones agreed upon after picking the candidate.

This web application is based on a scheduling spreadsheet that is used currently by the company. The spreadsheet has a database of projects under construction and the scheduled tasks to complete the project. The client uses Google Sheets, Pivot tables, and shareable links to provide Service Providers a schedule of all the projects they will be working on for the next 30 days. 

Task Scheduling Application


They would like to turn this into a standalone app that can be accessed via a web portal on both Desktop and Mobile Devices. They've also attached a Diagram of how this app should work. Some Features in the diagram are not essential to get us started.

In its simplest form, this app is a scheduling app with two types of users (Schedulers and Service Providers). Schedulers will create projects with multiple tasks to be completed by various Service Providers on specific dates. Schedulers can monitor their projects and adjust schedules as needed. Schedulers will most likely use the app on Desktop Browsers so the focus should be on desktop usability and not mobile usability.

Service Providers should be able to see all tasks assigned to them (across all schedulers they work for) and the details of each project. Service Providers can provide an expected completion date for their tasks and mark them as complete when finished.

Completed tasks would update the Scheduler's project as Complete. If tasks go past their due date, Schedulers are alerted of the task falling behind. It will be extremely important that the Service Providers’ information be easily accessible and readable on mobile devices as most providers work in the field and away from a computer.

Schedulers must be able to easily add a new project and adjust them using an interactive "Gantt Chart" and/or list formats. Specific tasks can be assigned to service providers that provide that service. Service providers can select the various types of services they provide and do so will allow Schedulers to select them for a specific task.

Schedulers and Service Providers must log in to the web app by using email and passwords. Both user types will require monthly membership with separate price tiers and allowing for trial periods for both.

Our Experience to Handle this Project

  • We have developed a monitoring and cost analysis application PIMeo, which allows businesses, majorly construction, to monitor their daily operations, scheduled tasks, activity, etc. The application used Google Sheets to store the data and involved coding JavaScript in Google Apps Script.
  • Another one is GeoPal, a cloud and mobile app, where a user/scheduler can create and assign jobs by filling a form or uploading in bulk. The same is then assigned to an employee/company/service provider with an ETA. The worker immediately receives a job notification on his/her smartphone as well.
  • The sites we developed are completely responsive and work well on mobile and desktop/laptop.

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