How a regular Arizona Print Shop leveraged the cloud to build a SaaS
Tee Shirt printing in the clouds

Cam had a problem. He runs a flourishing PrintShop in Arizona. His workflow was chaotic, part of it used to run on a WordPress custom theme and plugin held together with glue and wire, part email, part paper. He knew he needed help.

Cam came to me two years ago, He had got a developer to automate some manual processes and for whatever reason, the developer chooses WordPress and built a rudimentary web application. This doesn’t last long and the Web App is coming apart at the seams. My first task was to triage, stat a fix to stem the bleeding, so to speak. Over the course of a few weeks, I fixed issues on the WordPress site, streamlined a few processes, but we both came to the conclusion that this wouldn’t work. We needed something better, HIS industry needed a better, easier tool. was born. Cam leveraged Adobe cloud to sketch out the UI, UX and laid out the skeleton of a Web-based service that would let him and other PrintShops display the products, let customers buy in bulk, use an Art Manager to layout the art on a T-shirt or other products. The service would let the customers pay, track the orders and communicate with the print shop about the proof and until the order is shipped out.

Laitkor architected the solution using the following components

  • Compute workload was placed on the AWS EC2.
  • An SOA was selected. node.js was used to write the API methods.
  • AWS CloudFront and S3 handled the static assets
  • AWS RDS Aurora handled the database
  • The Admin and ShopAdmin front end was built in Angular.js
  • The Shopfront end is available as a WordPress plugin, for now, Squarespace and other plugins are in the works.
  • The code is committed, build and deployed via an automated CI/CD
  • A public API is in the works.

AWS System Diagram

AWS System Diagram


Our Software gives your clients the ability to add multiple garment styles and colors, specify sizes, and ink change-outs, even add custom names and numbers, all without having to talk to you.

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