The requirements were for a tool for the employees to create tickets from telephone calls. This tool should use the custom fields in addition to the normal fields from FreshDesk. The objective is to create an easy way for non-technical people to create tickets for support.

Ticket System

How would it work?

First, a search text should be entered. This can be part of a name, an email, or a company. All matching entries should be displayed in a list or create a new customer. 

The existing customers can be asked from FreshDesk directly or be stored in a local Database or MySQL. If it is an existing customer, all recent tickets should be displayed, so an existing ticket can get additional notes or be re-opened or a new one can be created. 

If a new one was created, all necessary fields should be validated and the ticket should be submitted. 

The tools should have a small user management name/email/password), so that the raiser of the tickets can be tracked in a custom field for the name. It may be useful, that the date/time of the process creation from the beginning until submission is recorded in the background and sorted properly. Some of the agents are paid for each ticket, so we need to know how much time they spend on each one. 

The tool should be developed under ASP.NET CORE, Angular 2, and C#, to suit to match with the environment.

How would we deal with it? 

Having a good knowledge of frameworks like Ionic / Angular, we would handle this project with confidence. We have also worked for many ticketing systems such as Freshdesk. One was the OS Ticket which had Dashboard reports showing system overview and basic historical statistics on tickets count and status per specific customer requirement. If required we would create custom reports (in Freshdesk). 

We worked on mobile apps too similar to ClassPass by using Ionic Framework and in a project, we also programmed video playing and pausing via Wowza. This play and pause notifications were sent to the API using the /stream/notify to further send the event to firebase and thereafter on the app.

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