The client needs a VB.Net programmer - There is full scope yet but at a high level need the following 


The client is only managing project this so here is the scope of work: 

  1. Embedded programming or program a machine
  2. Normal web development
  3. Maybe some IOT
Embedded System

All of the sensors interface via a virtual serial COM port using ascii commands or else via function calls to a DLL. The client didn’t decide on some of the particular interfaces, for example there are a number of different motor controllers, some use DLL's and some use COM port commands. They asked us to even start with one type and eventually end with another as they expected us to go from the first prototype to the final construction. As such they will need good programming practice to enable changes to be accommodated.

Our Experience and Solution 

We can use PC's Serial Port and communicate with an embedded microcontroller like MSP430 or 8051 and use the SerialPort Class provided by the dot net framework to access the port using code.

We have created an application using an Arduino YUN to read registers from LT4015 via I2C bus and store values in a file on a local SD card. We also wrote an SNMP filter to respond to the HTML page button and cause GPIO on Arduino to change state. 

Another project was for a client who was planning to implement Dashboard screens in the office which will give the visibility of current status of hosts part of specific host group/groups. Basically he needed a dashboard for his Zabbix 500 Server.

We would like to see the existing code for review and based on that we could provide the further details.

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