The client is looking for a VB.NET programmer to write a DLL that will be called by a VB6 program. The DLL will need to retrieve data from an MS Access DB.

VB.NET programmer to Write a DLL

The purpose of the VB.NET program will be to create a 'Custom Letter' for a list of customers retrieved from the DB. The solution will need to be able to create unlimited new letters via a simple word processor for whichever customers are selected from a list. if possible, they would like the letter to be able to have selected data parameters from each customer's data. It would be great if they could drag-n-drop customer data into the letters. Also, create and save lists of customers that get certain letters.

The DLL will need to be stand-alone; not needing the user to have any other software installed.

Our Experience 

We have a team of VB.NET/Asp.Net/C# developers who have built and successfully delivered many .NET MVC applications since our foundation. Our experience ranges from building applications with moderate complexity to real-time performance-oriented complex applications as well as setting and deploying apps on Amazon and Azure clouds.

Some of the projects we developed on VB.NEt which are built in classic ASP. Another project was built using VB.Net for an Irish client. 

We also have good experience with MS Access databases and utilizing VBA. 

We have built a project using MS Access with VB.Net which provides the option to add new records and display existing data of the project, And this MS access program also has a patient record form with an option of pdf export feature on it with three different types of records to export. We have also automated this pdf export functionality so that the admin does not have to select each patient and then hit the pdf export button multiple times.

The project content is used to create a PDF file and saved in separate folders.

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