The client has an old VB6 program that they need to convert to .net. They don’t have the time to invest in it. They had 2 forms that they sent us to give an idea about what they wanted.

VB6 to WPF Desktop App Conversion

The client is using Visual Studio 2017, .net framework 4.5, and Mahapps Metro and Material Design In Xaml Toolkit in order to give it a nice modern look. They provide us all the code and layout we may need to complete this project. We need to convert the current code over to .net and use newer items on the forms etc. Some things in the vb6 will not be used in the WPF version. And other things used in vb6 will need to be changed to a newer item in WPF.

They would like to stay away from using MVC/MVVM but if you need to use it then ok - just make really good comments in the code.

The client is looking for someone who knows WPF very well. They ask us to use vb or c#. They have attached a pdf to show the stats of the vb6 program to give us an idea of what is going to be needed in order to do this project.

Our Experience 

We have developed an application in WPF, eTracker which creates a local folder in the installed machine and tracks for the TIF files in the folder. If a new file is detected in the folder, it processes the file and uploads the file to the server. 

Another application was about scanning the memory address ranging from "0x00000000" to the maximum value of "Int"("DWORD"), and equals "0x7FFFFFFF". The application searches for the input value (either 2 bytes, 4 bytes or 8 bytes) in the memory address ranging from "0x0000000" to "0x7FFFFFFF".

We have experience in VB6. We have worked on a project for an Irish client using version 16.1 of DevExpress & VB. It’s basically an ERP from landing to production to supply.

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