The Scope of Work

The client wants to create a VBA Macros Excel for eBay Sales. They have the excel template with all the fields. They want data to be gathered, and they have the formulas the calculate the eBay selling + PayPal fees. 

VBA Macros Excel for eBay Sales


The client is also looking to incorporate an automatic tax charge in the excel according to the buyer's location. Tax rates for each state will be inputted in the excel so the formula just needs to locate the appropriate tax percentage for the buyer's zip code or state. Then the formula will multiply by the selling price (which is brought in by macros from ebay to excel) to get the total price paid by the buyer.

The only columns empty in this excel are the 1-location of obtained goods and 2- cost of item sold

They provided a sample of what the excel with running formulas looks like, but they need the final excel to include a few more columns.

If you have created something similar to this or can add any value to this project, I will highly consider you.

Our Possible Solutions 

We worked on a project for a client who is into trading business. The project relates to a large and somewhat complex Excel file. The macros within the file carry out a range of calculations. We developed an application in C# that can replicate the functions carried out by the Excel macros. The goal here was to create a much faster and more end-user friendly application. 

We have also worked with buying & selling kinds of websites as well. One of our clients who used to operate a cloud based Tech Company wanted a ‘mini auction site’, a scaled down version of eBay. Users were able to see product lists, product details and place bids in any multiple of $5.

Another project was Eswap, an Australian based site for online auction, swapping of items. Any user can upload their items for auction, selling, swapping, buy out or bidding on others items.

As we have handled similar projects before, we would also provide an appropriate solution to this client as well.

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