Background Story 

The client requires a web application that will be added to an existing website on Microsoft IIS/VB.NET. The application can be written using either server or client-side technologies e.g. vb.NET Javascript, JQuery, etc.

As a company, they occasionally use an Ad Hoc group of suppliers to perform services all over the UK when they don't have their own resources to undertake the task. The existing process they have just set up today is as follows:

  1. A user Adds a new supplier via Jotform 
  2. Zapier connects to google sheets
  3. Google sheets are updated with the relevant information
  4. A user then opens the sheet to search for a supplier
Web App referencing Google Sheets & Google Maps


They want us to need to use the data from google sheets to do the following:

  • Entering the postcode of the property they need someone to attend
  • Select the service that they require (we will need the ability to add additional ones for future-proofing)
  • We have to manage to add these to the form and to the google sheet via Zapier 
  • The system then needs to return the suppliers who operate the required service within the radius (i.e. the distance between their business address and the risk address is less than their maximum travel distance). 
  • This distance needs to be calculated using a route planner or equivalent via google maps. If there is none within the area then it should display the closest resource but it needs to be made visually clear that this request is not within their radius. The information to be displayed in the table should be as follows:
  1. Distance to risk address
  2. Supplier Name
  3. Supplier Postcode
  4. Service
  5. Service Cost
  6. Supplier Phone Number
  7. Supplier Email Address
  9. Star Rating 
  • They would like a way of storing comments/feedback on the supplier. They currently do this via google sheets but it is not great. Happy to discuss the options for this with them.

The solution needs to be secure and web-based. What all users should do is to enter their postcode and select the service they require, returning a list ordered by those closest to the risk address.

The client requires this to be built aesthetically charming with the material design approach. They have provided the basic guidelines. 

Our Relevant Experience to Complete the Job 

We worked on a project PIMio which is a monitoring and cost analysis application that allows businesses, in particular, those which operate in the construction industry to monitor their daily operations in terms of cost and activity. The project required to save and fetch data from Google Sheets using Google App Scripts. The data was also rendered on Google Forms. 

We have also worked with Google maps in the past. One of our clients who is into the extinguisher maintenance business wanted to plot the assets in a facility. We also plotted the distance of the nearest asset to be inspected from the inspector's current location.

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