The scope of work for this project includes the development of a Windows-based application. Would prefer an application developed in C#, but open to other options.

The purpose of the application is to communicate with a central server that will provide a computer management server. The central server will manage computer accounts, groups, and passwords on the local machine. Commands shall be queued by a central server and executed locally. The local application will provide basic computer information to the server.

Windows-based User/Group Management Tool


The development will include a Windows-based application running on Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. The application will be installed on a computer with local administrator privileges. No special firewall rules will need to be set up besides standard HTTP/HTTPS connectivity out to a central server and communication via JSON. The application will poll a central server every 10 seconds to provide computer information and run queued commands for the computer. 

Our Possible Solution 

We have developed a number of desktop/windows applications. One of them was used to analyze and present financial time series data in a user-friendly format. 

Another was a Windows desktop software that uses SMTP to check the validity of email addresses. Also amended the software with a capability to use 3rd party SMTP proxy servers to get around the dynamic IP address problems.

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