The client is a live video technology provider,, and would like to hire a WordPress plug-in expert to assist them in making their technology plug-in and listed in

They provided us a use case; it is for online video pay per view, e.g. online courses, online live concerts, or webinars.

Wordpress plug-in development for paid live streaming service


  1. Member: Create a member in StraaS by creating a member in WordPress. *required StraaS API
  2. Add a live streaming: an admin (or editor) can create a StraaS live-streaming session by adding a post (WordPress). *required StraaS SDK
  3. Upload a video: An admin (or editor) can upload a video to the StraaS server by adding a post (WordPress). *required StraaS SDK
  4. Sell a video
  5. Sell a live video event

They have a fully well-developed API/SDK ready for those specs.

Their technology is and they provided us the API documents here. The client asked for our viewpoint to make their technology useful for WordPress users.

Our Experience 

We have developed a membership management plug-in for WordPress which provides membership tools for automatic access to blog posts on a pre-determined amount of days to the members. It also allows administrators to create and share content for their registered members. User pays for the access to membership for tutorial/videos/blog as per the plan specified. 

We have also worked with videos before; we have created 3 user roles with various permissions. Permission to admin where they can delete and edit videos and the user only can see the videos submitted. Another application build by us required to see real-time surveillance and statistics of people crossing a border area.

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