Ajax API Shopify Checkout

Calculate the cost depending on the time and distance estimated for the delivery

Project Overview

The client had a Shopify eCommerce site where they wanted to add a checkout process similar to the Rideshare Estimate. They wanted to add Google Map API in it. The objective was to calculate the shipping charge that a package may take to make the delivery in the destination. Like the Rideshare Apps, they wanted to use a methodology that can calculate the cost depending on the time and distance estimated for the delivery.

Ajax API Shopify Checkout

Our Approach

  • Created a feature that the client wanted in the Shopify store 
  • Used Google API to do the customization for the same connection to a particular app of Shopify 
  • We have worked in the Shopify websites before and integrated advanced features in it including script editor, API customization and many more. 

This Ajax API makes it possible to add items to the cart, update quantities in the cart, and fetch information about the cart, without a page refresh. With this API, it is also possible to fetch information about a particular product using its handle. We integrated that system to the client website to make the checkout process easy and convenient as per their needs.

Technology Used

  • AJAX
  • Node.js
  • Shopify
  • API
  • Checkout

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