Amazon Competitor Detection

Automatically detect competitors using AWS

Project Overview

This is the second part of the project that we did before. The client contacted us earlier for a fully functional program integrated with Amazon API in product pricing information and monitoring purposes.

Amazon Competitor Detection

After delivering this project successfully, there came the second part of the project. The end goal of the project was to develop a program that can: 

  • Automatically detect competitors with the first program 
  • Delete listings with competitors from the client's Amazon account 
  • Create copies of listings and leave it Amazon inventory
  • Create a new parent ASIN to connect the second copy and associated variations with it. 

The client wanted us to focus on automatic deletion of competitors from the listing whereas they mentioned that Amazon stores are operated under separate VPS desktops because it is not secure to log in to different stores using the same IP. We used a proxy to address this issue and served the client with exactly what they wanted.

Technology Used

  • Amazon MWS
  • ASIN
  • Proxy
  • AWS
  • Competition

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