ArcGIS Plugin For MongoDB

Plugin to Find Water with MongoDB

Project Overview

This particular client who operates a water resource consulting firm, wanted us to create a plugin through which the customers can install the ESRI plugin and connect it to their MongoDB database cluster. The objective was to make it accessible for the users with ArcGIS desktop through the ESRI plugin method. The plugin needed to be connected to the MongoDB cloud database to access and visualize the data coming in  from the flowmeters, certs, wells collection.

The MongoDB 0.4 is hosted in Atlas and the plugin had to be made compatible with the latest ESRI ArcGIS desktop

To meet the requirements provided by the client, we built the plugin and registered with the latest ArcGIS 10.3.1. Desktop.

ArcGIS Plugin For MongoDB

Our contribution to making it possible:

  • The plugin was successfully integrated on ArcMap
  • A new connection is created for the MongoDB
  • Data was loaded to MongoDB by the plugin
  • Required Feature class was reflected on MongoDB
  • JSON mappings for the featureset were created

Technology Used

  • ArcGis System
  • .Net core
  • ESRI Plugin methods

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