Automotive Dealership API Integration

To build an API that connects VIN numbers to car specs

Project Overview

It was one of the important projects where we got to use Automobile API. 

The client approached us to help them with a requirement of their client. They used to work with an app technology client and they were trying to build an API that connects VIN numbers to car specs. 

The client was looking for an expert in the US Automotive field that can consult with them so that they have the proper bridge between the API providers and our app.

Automotive Dealership API Integration

Our Solution 

We are a California-based IT solution provider with a team of experienced and skilled people. 

We have a lot of experience with API in general and Vehicle API in particular. For VIN and car specs we leveraged the NHTSA API. 

There is an app development platform, react native app, and a CMS ability to build customer app in hours. We connected workforce or sales enablement tools. B2B and auto industry market targets 3D, CGI. Detroit etc. With a VIN, they can build a car CGI built. 

We had to code the items in the green box. Here are some tasks we performed to deliver the project with success: 

  1. Use of AWS API gateway to handle API request
  2. Lambda code (AWS) or google functions to call provider API for a particular VIN number
  3. Map the returned VIN data to the standard format required by the client.
  4. Send back the data in JSON format.
  5. Cache the data in Firebase (google) or Dynamo DB (AWS) based on which hosting provider we use

We used Google Cloud as well even if we move to GCP (Google cloud functions).

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