Caseload Zen

Program to offer therapies and massaging workload

Project Overview

The client was into the business of providing therapies and managing workload at school and they contacted us for a web app integrated with Google sheets and forms. The responses to the survey needed to be shown according to the users. Various files needed to be parsed, data extracted and calculated once the users completed the survey. The process needed to be performed under a Google Sheet using its API.

Caseload Zen

Specific Requirements of the Clients 

  • An appropriate Google App Script can create two Google sheets with the form data on two separate Google Sheet templates. 
  • A program to automatically populate and authorize the URL from another Google Sheet. 
  • Another Google sheet for each form that consists of URLs of the newly created Google Sheets and user email form fields. 
  • Update of the Wix database with Google Sheet URL with the user email post to each submission of form. 
  • JavaScript code to call URL according to logged in users. 
  • Addition of a filter that can make the drop down list of the app in alphabetical order. 

Technology Used

  • Google Apps Script & Google App Script APIs
  • Wix Corvid functions
  • Wix & it’s APIs

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