Migrate WordPress website with ChargeBee API

Project Overview

The client wanted a way to migrate their WordPress website so that it can work with ChargeBee API for checkout forms, plan selections, etc. This had to work with their existing WordPress site leveraging our experience in ChargeBee API.


About the Technology

Chargebee has a REST essence-based HTTP API. This enables basic HTTP client resources like "curl" to be used according to the rules of the HTTP protocol. Twin API versions – V1 and V2, also support Chargebee. V2 is available to handle certain backward-incompatible improvements which we would like to make through V1 for simplified functionality.

In V2 further developments will occur. However, to stop breaking the code, it will continue supporting V1.

The API version property has been extended to Webhooks with different versions of the API, which determines how the event contents sent to webhooks are organized.

How did we meet the requirements?

We have a team with expertise in Subscription and billing on multiple payment gateways like Chargebee, Stripe, PayPal, and more.

We created a membership website, where users can sign up and submit design tasks. Subscription payment was processed via Stripe and Chargebee.

Technology Used

  • ChargeBee
  • WordPress
  • Payment
  • Subscription

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