Chatbot builder for Azure Bot framework

Create chatbot for your website and mobile app

Project Overview

The client asked for our assistance to get a workflow builder for the chatbot to enable their users to build chatbots without coding. 

The client had some more requirements: 

  • It needed to be integrated with Azure Bots service 
  • It needed to be integrated with 3rd party applications 

The client gave us some references for us to acquire an idea about the chatbot. They wanted it to be similar to

Chatbot builder for Azure Bot framework

About the Technology 

A chatbot creator provides a no-code chatbot developer framework that allows you to create a number of chatbots for your website and mobile app in minutes, such as live chatbot, scheduling bot, request bot, etc. Set up bots easily to help qualify leaders, book meetings, answer customer service questions, and more — so that the staff can spend more time concentrating on the most important discussions.

Settle the bot to hand over the chat to a trained live agent, create service passes, connect users to the workflows and listings, and more.

Our Experience and Approach

  • We had experience with Azure and Dialogflow Bot frameworks.
  • We did white label the Azure bot framework, by building a Bot builder in the front end.

By leveraging the WebHook integration for payment and orders we developed the workflow builder the client was looking for. We prepared the chatbot with FlowXO.

Technology Used

  • ChatBot builder
  • FlowXO
  • Azure Bot Framework
  • API

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