ChatBot using AWS Lex, Lambda

Build a chatbot

Project Overview

The client was looking for an experienced Visual Cron Administrator with deep API/Integration experience. We thought the bot training would be done by the client or we needed the purpose of the business he needed a bot for.

ChatBot using AWS Lex, Lambda

They needed to build a chatbot, which was deployed on the web and also as an app. The chatbot was linked to next available times. For example, a user would navigate to the Clinic’s Flu Shot, view the available days this week and start the chat. The backend of the bot was integrated with DynamoDB, SNS, Cloudwatch.

Our Approach 

  • Used the AWS CLI to access Amazon Lex feature
  • Created the custom bot with the minimum information needed.
  • Defined the custom intent, an action that the user wanted to perform, with the minimum information needed. Added slot types for the intent and then configured the intent later.
  • Defined the slot types, or parameter values, that the custom-created intent uses.
  • Defined a Lambda function that fulfills the custom requirement
  • Configured error handling for the custom bot.
  • Built and test the bot.

Technology Used

  • AWS Lex
  • Lambda
  • DynamoDB
  • SNS
  • SES
  • CloudWatch

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