Chiltonic - Mindbody, Docusign and Squarespace Integration

Project Overview

The client wanted a fully integrated appointment booking system and a payment gateway with notable functionalities and layout. The client wanted us to integrate both of these with Healcode and Mindbody Online. The client was using Waiverking and wanted to ensure if it is working on the site or not. Their design was almost prepared but they needed an expert hand to shape the project in the best possible way. They connected with us for the job and we provided adequate support to meet their requirements.


What Exactly We Did to Make it a Success

  • Worked on UI of the Squarespace website
  • Integrated Mindbody widget for an appointment
  • Created a SquareSpace form to record new Patient information. This can be accessed in any smart gadget.
  • We created a program where the user’s information can be sent to the Docusign to generate a contract and present that on the website/iPad for the signature. 
  • Post to the signature, the user account can be created on Mindbody where the signed contract would be uploaded. This facilitates the user to get a copy of a signed contract via their email address.

Technology Used

  • Mindbody
  • Waiverking
  • Squarespace
  • Hellosign
  • Docusign

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