Web Application to generate QR Code Dynamically

Project Overview

With the requirements of generating dynamic QR code in a web app, the client reached out to us. We assisted him in making that web application that dynamically generates QR code, has customized description fields with drop down menus and URL fields. We integrated the URL field with Bitly to simplify the process of QR code generation.


Specific Requirements of the Client

  • Development of a simple web-based management system. 
  • IT support for devices and assurance of optimal performance after accurate review for the scope of vulnerabilities. 
  • A smooth back-up process
  • Development of his proprietary product research platform incorporating large amounts of data to set up the AWS or other storage devices.

The Key features

  • We enabled the client to generate QR code in bulk through the imported excel in a specified format. 
  • The tracking of QR is unique and customized for various browsers. 
  • We made the download of QR as easy as possible - A list of QR code can be downloaded in CSV along with the respective descriptions. QR can be downloaded in all formats including JPEG, EPS and PDF. 

Technology Used

  • Angular (Frontend)
  • .Net core (APIs)
  • PHP (APIs)

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