CRM Kanban

CRM to track leads to potential clients and revenue

Project Overview

The client had a requirement for software development. They wanted a development team that had experience working on SaaS products. They needed the app to incorporate Twilio API's for making calls, receiving calls, sending SMS, etc. They wanted us to integrate the system with Zapier as part of a workflow that is similar to a marketing automation system.

CRM Kanban

The client needed a messaging component too where all texts, emails, etc could come into for easy response. A simplified kanban style CRM to move contacts from one stage to another.

About the Technology

Kanban CRM allows you to handle sales quickly when tracking stock. It helps to understand customer behavior and their purchase patterns, to track leads to potential clients and see how much revenue is produced from existing revenues. It also gives a full rundown from a single screen of the business.

Online CRM allows the system for each user to hold comprehensive to-do lists. The admin will know how quickly the tasks and any particular conditions they applied for will be delivered. It helps to discuss how far the process is and what needs to be accomplished with the sales process.

Our Solution

  • Twilio being the messaging service was integrated with zapier
  • Zapier works in Trigger --> Action principle. We needed a valid trigger to initiate the configured messaging service as an action.
  • We suggested using webhooks provided by Zapier in case not using one of the available CRMs in Zapier like Hubspot, Zoho etc.
  • This webhook triggered the Twillio service code.

Technology Used

  • Twilio
  • Zapier
  • CRM
  • Kanban
  • API
  • SMS

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