Custom Map Creation

Custom map creation using Mapbox API

Project Overview

The client was looking for a map to be created by Mapbox API to determine the score of risk of danger of the commute. The map should help the users throughout the route and suggest the most efficient and safe driving route. The map should also be able to cross-reference the route along with a risk grid to ensure an accurate riskpercentage.

Custom Map Creation

They had given us references to replicate where the risk would be shown with colors and its shades. The app should have the provision to share the data on social media. They required a proficient team with Mapbox API to handle this project.

Key Features Required

  • A Mapbox to allow the users to add starting points and destinations
  • The map should be able to cross-refer the route with a risk grid and total percentage of risk 
  • The map should be divided into squares with 5 colors to show the accidents and calculate the risk.

How We Addressed the Issue

  • We used Mapbox API and  WideAreaCOP to display Real Time surveillance and statistics of events.
  • We ensured that the route goes through the color indicating low accident density it would be 1/5. If it goes through the highest density color it'd be 5/5. If it goes through two shaded areas 1/5 (20%) and 5/5 (100%), it'd be 3/5 (60%). 

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