D3.js, MongoDB

Integration of DS.js and MongoDB

Project Overview

The client reached out to us for a custom checkout page for his existing site on Vimeo due to limitations.
The client’s requirement was to integrate D3.js and MongoDB to meet the requirements. We had ample exposure to these technologies and we used the same to create the custom checkout process that the client asked for.

Integration of DS.js and MongoDB

About the Technology

D3.js is an immersive JavaScript library for web browser dynamic data views. It uses the standards HTML5 and Cascading style sheets of Scalable Vector Graphics. It succeeds the previous paradigm of the Protocol.

MongoDB is a document-oriented database software open to the source cross-platform. MongoDB uses JSON-like documents with optional schemas as classified as a NoSQL database application. MongoDB is developed and licensed under the Public Server Side Licence by MongoDB Inc.

Technology Used

  • Angular
  • Node
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • JSON (as DB backend)
  • APIs of (Stripe, PayPal, Vimeo OTT)

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