Daily Deals Builders

Managing daily deal and coupon websites

Project Overview

Payvibe is multi Merchant eCommerce Platform that is focused on SAAS-based offerings. This is specialized in Deals, Coupons, Offers, Charity, and auction. Daily Deal Builders is also an eCommerce business that is built on the same platform as Payvibe. 

They are managing daily deal and coupon websites, advised thousands of these sites, brokered deals, provided customer service, trained sales forces, and helped publishers to maximize profits through a daily deal or coupon program. 

Daily Deals Builders

Merchants will always want and need to run promotions in order to recruit new consumers, while buyers will always want to snag the greatest possible deal. 

We developed their frontend and backend including all features like the dashboard, invoice creation, admin profile and everything else.

Technology Used

  • Laravel- API 
  • React Frontend

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