Fax Service

An application to download faxes from the particular service on the Windows server

Project Overview

The client approached us for shaping the fax service facility they offer. They were a partner of a cloud-based fax service provider called SRFax.com. The business objective was to deliver faxing services for the clients whenever they need an application to download faxes from the particular service on the Windows server.

Fax Service

Specific Requirements of the Client

The client wanted a program with the below-mentioned capabilities:

  • Run-on Microsoft Windows Server.
  • Run as a Windows service (not a process)
  • Preferences interface (desktop-based) with the drop-down option to adjust download interval from 1, 2, 5, and 10 minutes with 5 being the default. 
  • A checkbox to "Delete faxes from the cloud after successful download" and backend coding to make this work.

How we solved the issue

Our prior experience has helped in this area where the client needed a proficient developer for handling the project with expertise. 

We have developed a similar service Etracker before where we had to periodically send .tiff documents to an FTP server. This service also sent .tiff files via outlook. We also created a desktop interface to schedule the time of the service and also had an option to update the FTP detail and email address of the receivers and send the .tiff file via an application with a button click. 

Here, for this client we created a window service that would download fax via API and save it in the windows server folder. The purpose of the client was served well by the development.

Technology Used

  • Fax
  • API
  • TIFF
  • Process
  • Threaded

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