FCC Broadband & Census

To create interactive map website

Project Overview

The client was looking for quality developers with adequate experience with GEO spatial mapping and GIS in a Drupal 8 environment. The client was building an interactive map for a new Drupal 8 site that changes available contents based on zoom level or map outline. The client would be working with US government data and FCC internet provider data to create this interactive map website. 

Instead of using the APIs, the client could manage the data by themselves. Therefore, they needed to store:

  • 51 shapefiles and their corresponding GEOJSON to generate the map
  • Store census FIPS data
  • Store FCC ISP data
FCC Broadband & Census

About the Technology

Drupal is an excellent visualization tool. It connects with a large number of libraries, technologies, and utilities from third parties. Solutions are available for basic maps as well as complicated mapping requirements.

There is no right approach, so it depends on the mission. While the route still exists: input > storage > operation > output, some modules may have some of these steps.

One can build easy to intermediate maps without coding.

The Approach to Solve the Issue

  • We used MongoDB as the database, which was very efficient and very fast to query JSON data
  • The User Interface was Drupal for the web. 
  • We created an internal/private API so that Drupal can integrate with the MongoDB database. The API could be monetized on its own later on.

Technology Used

  • Drupal
  • API
  • FIPS
  • FCC

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