Fraud Detection SDK

To detect fraudulent activities

Project Overview

It was a security-related application we worked on. The client was looking for an Advanced Multimedia Processing developer to create an APK/API for identifying RFID tag’s movement on both iOS and Android. The tag would be affixed above the VIN plate on the windshield of an automobile. The client contacted us for a program that would identify if the tag is modified or not and remove that if required. The accuracy of the tag was all it wanted to detect fraudulent activities.

Fraud Detection SDK

Detailed Specifications 

An accurate naive application library to determine the alteration of a RFID tag from its original placement or its exact geometric layout. 

How we addressed this project

We used openCV for auto detection of RFID stickers and created a SDK to allow the user to calculate the distance of the initial character of the VIN number from four corner points of RFID sticker. 

These calculated points are saved in DB with relevant automobile’s RFID details so that SDK can easily detect fraud done in case the RFID sticker is changed or it’s position is moved.

Technology Used

  • iOS
  • Android
  • OpenCV

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