Google and Facebook Ads

Automate Google and Facebook Ads

Project Overview

The client subscribed to a data outlet that sent new leads every day twice in the form of google sheets. They needed this data to automatically be submitted into Facebook ads and Google ads for targeting. Therefore, for automating the process, they reached out to us. 

Google and Facebook Ads

About Automated Ads

Facebook and Google's advertisements are predicted and implemented by Automated Ads. The consumers must make sure that the company is most relevant, and Automated advertisements are personalized advertising for them. Over the passage of time, automated ads understand what will better achieve the goal and changes accordingly along with providing feedback.

Automatic advertising can help the customer reach various business targets, such as getting more viewers or gaining more information. Automated ads help the users build and handle the ads differently until the goal has been found.

Our Solution

As Google ads didn’t provide the option to Add the data directly from the API, we created a Selenium Script which converted the data in the required format and uploaded the same on Google Ads. For Facebook Ads, we used the FB Ads API and integrated the same with our script. 

Technology Used

  • Selenium (Python)
  • Google App Scripting
  • API Integration- Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads

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