Google Map Projects

Create map to show United States along with the area code, DMA and Zip Codes

Project Overview

The client reached out to us for the development of a responsive website application for a map. They were looking for an experienced developer who is well versed in building custom maps using Google Maps API and the Platform

The client wanted us to develop the web app so that the map could display a layered map of the United States along with the area code, DMA and Zip Codes.

Google Map Projects

The requirement provided us with some information to support us with the development: 

  • The data resided in the US Census, Nielsen DMA data. 
  • The files used could be SHP files and/or KML files. 
  • The data must be searchable and the regions must have lines drawn around them for each layer.

Our Approach

The developers we assigned for the project had a lot of experience working with Interactive Maps and Google Maps API integration.

They had prior experience in working with Google map and plotting of extinguishers within a facility. They plotted the distance of the nearest asset to be inspected from the inspector's current location. According to the requirements of the client, we developed the web application they were looking for.

Technology Used

  • Shopify
  • Google MAP
  • API
  • Scripts

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