Redefined Report that got parsed out and create a record in Infusionsoft

Project Overview

The client had a new project that required pushing out a file similar to results Redefined Report that got parsed out and a create a record in Infusionsoft and then placed the order into an FTP server that the vendor picked up into their system. The vendor will then return back the lab work that needed to be attached to the individual's record in Infusionsoft. 

HL7 - Redefined Report that got parsed out and create a record in Infusionsoft

Our Solution

  • Our solution was to create an InfusionSoft order with a tag. This would call a webhook to start the order. We did this by using InfusionSoft APIs to create a custom connector.
    We created a Node.js script to generate an HL7 order and place it in an S3 bucket, which was mapped to an FTP folder.
  • The lab pocked up the order from the FTP folder.
  • Once the test was done the lab put the test results back in the folder. We had a watcher script that kept monitoring the folder and in case of any change detection, it would fire a script to pick up and process the result. Then we updated the user account in InfusionSoft and created a tag. We coded in that way that it processed the file and attached it with the InfusionSoft record that was created earlier.

Our Prior Experience

We worked with Infusionsoft (IFS) APIs and automated a couple of tasks for a client, like:

  • Resetting Ad Budget dates for Ad accounts in FB based on successful monthly billing invoices in IFS
  • Deactivating Ad Accounts in FB Business Manager upon successful completion of a "Task" in IFS
  • Adjusting the "Rebill date" in IFS when a specific "Task" is completed by admin.

Technology Used

  • HL7
  • Lab test
  • Infusionsoft
  • API
  • Sunrise

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