To detect if the Certificate was installed on the computer

Project Overview

The basic mechanism was the same in terms of the requirements. The client simply needed to detect if the Certificate was installed on the computer. When a doctor would go through IdenTrust to get identity proofed, they would issue a certificate that was installed on the USB device which then got installed on the computer. At the point of verifying 2FA, we would just need to detect the presence of the certificate then allow/disallow the Rx action.

To detect if the Certificate was installed on the computer

The client wanted all public keys of the certificate to be stored on the S3 server. This s3 server key folder also had to be accessible to the TM end. When the user would transmit Rx to TM or Rx Order sent to TM case only the client needed to sign only those XML.

What is IdenTrust?

IdenTrust is authorized to provide digital certificates to consumers accessing federal, State, and Local Department websites and/or exchanging signed documentation online with these entities. Federal Bridge Certified IdenTrust Global Commun (IGC) Our IGC software is cross-certified to the Federal Bridge, so certificates are granted for use in government spaces as well as in other industries, for instance, healthcare for electronic prescriptions for controlled substances, are approved (EPCS). In the area of digital signature, digital sealing, and safe emailed messages, IGC certificates are available to individuals and practitioners.

Our Approach 

According to the client’s requirements, we deployed IdenTrust hardware token for e-Medicalfusion, a SaaS medical practice automation platform.

Technology Used

  • dentrust
  • S3
  • 2FA
  • SaaS
  • eHR
  • eMR
  • Rx

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