Program to Deliver Accurate COVID-19 test results

Project Overview

This was our first Covid19 related project, where we could automate the payment for Covid Test to deliver the Covid19 test result. The client wanted us to create a file similar to the Result Redefined Report that has been created with Infusionsoft for analysis and record purposes. The file should be able to place the order into the FTP server that the client can integrate in their system. The client would revert the lab work that should be included in every individual’s record in Infusionsoft.


Our Part of Responsibilities

  • We developed a  system for the client to integrate their CRM and to the customers’ system for automating the process of medical testing from ordering for the test to receiving the report. 
  • We started this process with the Infusionsoft API order tag. The client needed a webhook to start the order. There was a script created by us to generate HL7 order and place it in a AWS S3 bucket. This had been mapped to a FTP folder. We programmed it in a way so that the lab picks the order from the FTP folder directly. 
  • Post to the completion of the test, the lab revealed the results to the parent folder. A watcher script was also prepared by us to detect the changes and restart the process of producing new results. The update of the user account in Infusionsoft is the last but not the least job performed by us which we did with the updated result. 
  • We enabled a created order to trigger the change of work after it is generated from Infusionsoft according to the client’s next level requirements.

Technology Used

  • API .Net Core
  • Infusionsoft
  • HL7

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