iText7 PDF Report iTextSharp

Collect data and convert into formatted colour PDF

Project Overview

The client reached out to us for a C# function to generate a PDF file using the iText SDK. They wanted experienced developers who are proficient in writing .Net and C# code and usage of visual studio IDE. 

The client wanted this function to be capable of receiving JSON objects and returning a color PDF page with a specific size (8.5x11 inch) byte array to the caller. The PDF report needed to be formatted to match the template.

iText7 PDF Report iTextSharp

Our Experience in the Specific Domain

We developed a project for a US client who scanned and uploaded the documents and converted or exported them to excel. We used TWAIN technology to do the scanning part and iTextSharp .Net library for the conversion.

We also used iText Sharp in another project also, which is a claim management software where we had to generate PDFs for certain legal documents for the client. The templates were stored in XML format and after adding relevant information we converted them into PDFs and email to concerned parties.

We also worked on a technology that was used to enable the “new” Physician Enterprise to be successful in the challenging environment of personalized health care. It had an ePatient Portal which kept track of patient records electronically. We worked on EMR functionality including SOAP notes and a robust Rx module that provided easy-to-use clinical functionality. We enabled an online patient portal for scheduling, medical history forms, and online payment. We made the program capable of exporting records in CSV, PDF, XLS, or DOC formats using iTextSharp.

How did we work on it?

  • We generated a PDF file using iTest7 SDK.
  • Created a function that received a JSON and returned a formatted PDF file with customized design and content. 
  • We created a time-related estimate proposal for the client which included.

Technology Used

  • C#
  • iText Sharp
  • JSON

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