Leads Distributor

Cuostom Lead Distribution Paltform

Project Overview

The client was a lead generation company that brokers lead using 3rd party platforms for their distribution. It is to assist the business to generate leads and increased sales for their service. 

There was lesser provision for customizing the platform and it needed an implementation of QC tools for the improvement of quality and filtration of invalid leads. This was where they required a website named Balancer, that would act as a firewall as well. This was to validate every lead with some quality checking services. Till the validation was completed based on the provided data, the status of the lead would show as pending. The result of the validation would be done by the QC website and returned to the balancer with the result. The setup page of the balancer needed to be created as well.

Leads Distributor

Our Approach to Address This Issue 

  • Developed a program so that while clicking on QC name (title of the Buyer's table) a setup page for that QC would be opened.
  • Set up API URL parameters with QC name, URL, Phone number, Email, Full name, TBD
  • Designed the page so that it could respond to that QC and decide the lead would be accepted or rejected.
  • Programmed the balancer to send lead’s details to a QC tool so that it could check some parameters and responded with a number
  • Also created a field that would contain value and two radio buttons: Accept or Deny. In a particular case the program would deny any response greater than 0 and in a different case, it is programmed to accept responses greater than 75.

Technology Stack 

  • Drupal
  • Angular
  • Node.js
  • MySQL

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