Microsoft Planner

Add MS Planner functionality

Project Overview

This was a project with the requirement of the implementation of automation technology. The client wanted us to automate several assigned tasks so that the process can be streamlined. With our proficient team with adequate skills, we wrote a success story for this client.

Microsoft Planner

Requirements of the Client 

  • Automate several processes together 
  • Usage of Planner’s API to accomplish the job
  • Extension of the ‘Copying’ functionality of the MS Planner 
  • Addition  of Sharepoint site
  • Integration of ADFS assignments and validation on task closure 

Validation was an important part of the project because with the same, the closing of the task could be determined and depending on that, the ADFS assignment and notification generation was done. Post to analysis and planning we came up with an appropriate solution for the client and met the requirements successfully. 

Technology Used

  1. Microsoft Graph APIs
  2. ADFS
  3. Power automate 
  4. Power apps
  5. Azure Applications

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