An app to track children's school tasks, marks & attendance

Project Overview

During the situation of Covid-19, the client built an app for agriculture in SA that would provide vouchers to farmers through retailers for customers. The features they were looking for in the proposed app were:

  • Mobile App Development in which there would be 4 major components for the system to work. 
  • Retailer Web App to manage the inventory and operate as the pay station as well. Access would be given to retailers with their unique login details to manage their inventory. Each inventory item will be added with pricing to the system and an automatic QR code would be generated for each item. 
  • Farmer Mobile App would be available on both the iStore & Google PlayStore Users downloading the app would have to register using their ID and cellphone number which would be verified with an OTP. An automatic QR code would be generated and linked to the users ID and cell number. These details would be stored on the database. The vouchers issued would be associated with the unique QR Code. 
  • QR Code Purchases would be made using the QR scanner using a mobile phone linked to the retailer web app. 
  • The Admin portal would be there to access and generate reports and check user engagement.

Technological Requirements: The web app would have to built-in PHP.

Mzali - An app to track children's school tasks, marks & attendance

About Mzali 

Mzali is a student monitoring application for parents. It allows parents to keep track of their children's school tasks, marks & attendance.

This application also has an Admin Dashboard which allow School Staff to add details for their subjects and send notifications, either to entire class, section or particular student’s parent.

Also, we customised 3rd party Calendar libraries to show different colors on predefined events, such as - absent, present, leave early etc.

Technology Used

  • iOS
  • Android
  • FCM
  • APNS
  • Php
  • Firebase
  • TimesSquare Calendar Library
  • JTAppleCalendar
  • APIs

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