Onedrive Connector

Microsoft One Drive connectors leveraging SaaS API

Project Overview

The client had a security application business where they used to provide user-friendly cloud applications integrated with sophisticated security features. They wanted us for assistance to build a Microsoft One Drive connector leveraging SaaS APIs and their custom APIs to provide additional features to the accessed data.

Onedrive Connector

Requirements Specified

  • Building of reusable components that can be leveraged across various connectors
  • Development of application based on Microsoft .Net/C# or Java using REST and JSON web services
  • Development of unit tests and fully automated tests for the features developed
  • Documentation for knowledge sharing

Client defined the required skills as well to handle this issue. They specified:

  • Ability to work independently in fast-past and fluid environment
  • 3+ years of experience in SaaS related software development using object oriented design and refactoring
  • Domain knowledge in SAML/OAuth and other SSO technologies
  • Experience with common development tools such as JIRA/BitBucket etc.

Our Approach

With our adept team of professionals we addressed this issue:

  • Connector to expose a public REST API powered  via node.js, secured by JWT Authentication and having configured support of webhooks
  • Users with OneDrive business accounts could upload any file that would result in a webhook event and our node.js endpoint was called
  • Post to the Webhook is called, we made the document public via this API . 
  • We called the Customers backend API and sent them the shared link of the document
  • Customers  backend processed the file and called us with a Customer  public URL of the processed file
  • Connector moved the original file to an "admin" only "quarantine" folder
  • Connector uploaded the processed file on the users account
  • Connector allowed Topeng backend API to know the work is done

Technology Used

  • Node.js
  • Microsoft Onedrive
  • O365

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