OWA, PHP Server Monitor

Build server monitor and bound user with site

Project Overview

It was an automation process that the client wanted to implement in his business software. Basically, he had two software pieces that required development for incorporating automation in the purchase area. When the client contacted us with requirements, we planned the project and assigned our efficient team to take care of the rest.

OWA, PHP Server Monitor

Requirements with Added Specifications 

  • The client had two software - OWA-based Open Web Analytics, an open-source framework similar to Google Analytics that provides real-time information. The software was running as a WordPress plugin that is connected to MySQL DB and the client intended to shift it to a standalone application. 
  • The client wanted us to build a server monitor too that was basically a PHP application to monitor and services of the website using MySQL DB. 
  • He gave us access to the software so that we can proceed with our work.

How we addressed the Requirements 

  • Added site to OWA
  • Added user to OWA
  • Bound user with the site
  • Tracking code received for PHP or JavaScript. 
  • Locally hosted sites are developed using PHP. 
  • Enabled JavaScript tracking for users so that the site can be managed
  • For the Server Monitor we added IP to Server Monitor with a string to search on the home page with other required settings.  
  • Added and assigned users to service 
  • [Code repository] was the code repo and [Project Management] was used for Project management
  • DevOps team used [CI/CD tools] for CI/CD
  • Software testing used automated tests via [Software Test tools]

Technology Stack

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • jQuery
  • Github

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