Paired RFID Detect, Manage, Monitor

An accuracy checking service that helps in identifying the fraudulent activities

Project Overview

The client was looking for an accuracy-checking service that helps in identifying fraudulent activities. 
They wanted a developer who can help them in advanced multimedia processing to create an API/APK for Android and iOS. They needed to identify the movement of an RFID tag from its original placement or the exact geometric layout of its original placement. The tag was needed to be affixed above the VIN plate on the windshield of an automobile.

Paired RFID Detect, Manage, Monitor

The client needed a program that can identify the modification of the tag, no matter in which way it is done.

Our Approach to Meet the Requirements

  • We allotted an efficient C# programmer to build an RFID reading/writing solution using a provided API. 
  • We used a UHF R2000 chip combined with UHF RFID stickers to address this. 
  • We ensured that the program, documentation, and other information would be sent to the client in a .zip file.

We created the program that could:

  • Pair two RFID stickers by writing a system identifier + unique code
  • Paired multiple sets of stickers each with a unique code but the same system identifier
  • Detect different "paired" sets of RFID tags.
  • Send notification to screen an alert when the above condition happens
  • Have the tags with radio+controller+battery with 1 beacon-coded transmission per day.

How the program worked

We programmed the reader+router to pick up the beacon and send it to the cloud app/database via the gateway. Each beacon from the tag could be picked up by at least three readers and based on the signal strength so that the client could compute their location on the floor.

If the client wanted to build a system using passive tags, then the specs of the RFID reader equipment would change. We set up the pairing of two tags in the database so that when we interrogated passive tags between 10 to 600 feet, the program could detect which tags are within the "paired" definition.

Technology Used

  • RFID
  • Router
  • Gateway
  • Passive
  • Active tags

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