Party Headphones

Displaying data, analytics, and allowing customers to check on their own progress

Project Overview

The client was running a startup business of renting photo booths and they wanted a good graphic design team to create customer’s templates to be used in individual brand events. 

The client wants a custom checkout page for his existing site on Vimeo due to limitations.

The client has future planning in developing methods of displaying data, analytics, and allowing customers to check on their own progress through various web portals and emails. They were moving as a company towards leasing entertainment and event technology that collects analytics from their audience, to help them use to grow their business.

Party Headphones

Our Expertise

We had called HubSpot API from PHP, as well as javascript, and created contacts from external web events. Also, we set up workflows to trigger sending of emails and other processes on the detection of custom attributes on newly created contacts. We connected some metrics to the Hoopla dashboard from HubSpot CRM.

Our Solution 

  • We built this page consuming limited Vimeo APIs and integrated Stripe & PayPal
  • We provided options to collect phone numbers from users for campaigning and independent coupon options. 
  • Using this page Users’ profiles were auto-created on the Vimeo site and gives access to paid content.

Technology Used

  • Angular
  • Node
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • JSON (as DB backend), 
  • APIs of (Stripe, PayPal, Vimeo OTT)

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