Web API in the job board solution

Project Overview

The project is called PointHR.WebApi in the job board solution. The work up to now is in web API. The requirement was to install it and make it run locally. 

The API doc is created by us. The previous API was created by the client but that was not outward-facing. The old API was consumed by their old site. 

We could leverage this existing API by adding new methods, but before that, we need to understand the plan like what pointer product they want to integrate to Oracle HCMor if they will pull in data from HCM or push data to HCM etc. The client confirmed that they want to transact data in both ways. 

They had a simple set of data required to begin an order like employee name, hire date, email and phone number after which they can process the order and send back a PDF report on completion

The client needed to get their API and document working at PointHR for oracle as well as other opportunities. So they wanted an API doc for everywhere that had the limited fields etc and one for work to confirm with fields relative to its needs. Both should come from the employee roster they have at jobs.pointhr.com

Web API in the job board solution

Our Solutions 

We have downloaded the project at the local machine along with a backup database. We configured the project and database at the local machine. After fixing some minor issues in the project, it was working but the database it was pointing, was located on the network at beta.pointhr.com. We changed the database connection string in a project to load the local database. But it seems the database backup we downloaded from the Git location is an old database. And the project uses Code First Approach so when we run the command Update-Database to update the database in NPM, it throws an error. It would be helpful if we ask for the latest database backup from the client.

For Candidate Table

  1. EmployeeStatus,DateOfHire,TerminationDate,DateReHire were found in CSV and also in Employee table.We assume these column values from CSV are required to be inserted in the Employee table.

2)IsVerified,CreatedByUserID,LastUpdatedByUserID,IsArchived,CreateDate,LastUpdateDate,CompanyId exists in Employee table.For these also, we assume that values which are being inserted in candidate table,same will be added in Employee table.

Before executing the Import query on tables we have created a Backup of the current JobBoard Database on the server at the location.  We have created a procedure name and executed the CSV data Import query and below are some of the related screenshots. 

We have worked on "Testing of PointHR APIs" most of them have been tested but for few, we have faced authorization issues on which we are working. For publishable documents, assuming that All present APIs are working fine it will take approx 7 Hrs to have them in a swagger format which will make them presentable.

We have created the Swagger documentation for all the Web APIs found under the PointHR code base. However, we could not find the respective URL of these APIs on the PointHR website. Currently, the documented APIs are tested against the localhost URLs. Once we get the root URL of the API endpoints on the live site, we will update the swagger document accordingly and all the APIs will be ready to be tested.

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